Student Workshop

The software development environment is rapidly evolving with increasingly sophisticated devices, platforms, APIs, applications, and frameworks. Adding to this is the regular advancement of software development languages and databases, thus making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the new developments trends.

The DUT AppFactory hosted its first Software Development Student Workshop in 2018. The workshop is aimed to provide students with the necessary software knowledge to peek their interest in advancing their coding activities.

The workshop was attended by 53 software development enthusiasts and was divided into two sessions. The first session “Development How To” provided attendees with practical hands on examples on building simple applications using the latest technologies and trends. The second session provide attendees with the fundamental building block to building structures, salable and maintainable applications.

Attendees found the event enlightening and pledged to being experimenting with some of the technologies discussed by the various presenters. A detailed program can be found here

Saturday, September 8, 2018
Student Workshop